Educational Franchise Expands into Southern Switzerland

Recognizing the need to broaden educational options for young children in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, 2 entrepreneurial women have decided to offer the innovative movement with language program  “Ready Steady Move!”, developed by the Helen Doron Educational Group.
Lugano, Switzerland, 29 August 2012   Ready Steady Move! is a unique program of fitness through movement, combined with an introduction to a new language, which enhances whole-brain learning and better physical health.
The language component of Ready Steady Move! is used as a complement to the fitness routines. Songs, rhymes and chants go along with the exercises, keeping children engaged and interested, while the physical movements help children to remember the words and phrases they are learning. The Ready Steady Move! program is offered in several languages including: English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew or Mandarin.
Ready Steady Move! gives children ages 3-8 several important advantages in one comprehensive course: they learn a fun, healthy movement routine, they receive a strong introduction to an additional language, and their self-confidence and self-esteem increases as they succeed at both. Already operating in Israel, Spain and Russia, Ready Steady Move! offers the best of both worlds: physical and mental stimulation are cleverly combined, taking full advantage of children’s unique brain-absorbing capacities.

Joany Drinkenburg, Master Franchisee for Ticino comments, “Being born in the Netherlands I grew up hearing mainly English and German, but also French words repeatedly from early on, which developed my sense for foreign languages and formed the basis for the fun of learning them. The fact that I became familiar with many languages as a kid took away my fear of communicating, and coupled with my passion for Pilates, led me to this exciting Helen Doron franchise.”

Ms. Drinkenburg feels that discovering Ready Steady Move! is the best thing that could have happened to her. ,”It combines what I love most: communicating with children, foreign languages, teaching and active moving! Increasingly more young children all around the world are gaining too much weight: watching too much TV and playing endless computer games, all while sitting still. In providing young children in Ticino access to the high-quality “Ready Steady Move!” methodology, we firmly believe we will actively contribute in the development of a healthy, self-confident, knowledgeable and well-balanced future generation.”

Esther Gómez Mora, her partner and Master Franchisee for Ticino adds, “As a child I grew up in Costa del Sol, surrounded by tourists and diverse languages, and as a result, my favourite things in life are communicating and traveling. I love children and have worked as a girls’ basketball coach, as well as several other positions combining sport and learning. More than two years ago, my husband's work brought us to Lugano and almost immediately I met Joany, who told me about Ready Steady Move! and I knew this was exactly the opportunity I had been waiting for! Children in Ticino aren’t exposed to English in school until age 13 or 14, so this programme is being enthusiastically received. It is our goal to establish the Ready Steady Move! program in the entire canton and play a leading role in Ticino’s educational world.”

About Ready Steady Move!
Ready Steady Move! is an innovative movement with language program for children ages 3 to 8, that helps youngsters build healthy bodies and increase their capacity to absorb a new language. Fun, musical activities and movement based in yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts and more, help educate children towards a more active lifestyle.
Ready Steady Move! An Active Body is a Learning Body

About the Helen Doron Educational Group
The Helen Doron Educational Group stands at the forefront of innovative educational systems since 1985, providing exclusive learning programs and quality educational materials for babies, children and adolescents the world over. Our quality educational programs include Helen Doron Early English and MathRiders for inspired learning in small groups; Polly the Collie, Super-Nature and Ready Steady Move! designed for larger groups (kindergartens and schools). The Helen Doron educational franchise model invites entrepreneurs to join a successful business operation that benefits children the world over.

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