Summer Camp Course and Birthday Parties

Summer Camp Course

Ready Steady Move! is an exciting option for summer day-camp programs. Children love the fun, lively classes and the chance to move, roll, jump, reach, and speak. Parents love that their children are in an enrichment course that is smart, educational, and healthy. Providers like having a popular course that they can always fill, and that always makes parents and children happy.

As a summer program, Ready Steady Move!  is a win-win option for everyone!

Birthday Parties

Give your child a truly memorable birthday party with Ready Steady Move!

The Birthday Party package is intended for groups of up to 30 children. You can choose from 6 different party themes for 90 minutes of fun, healthful activities that are sure to make any birthday a very happy one. Children will learn games, songs, exercises – even a few words in a second language.

It all adds up to a party that your children will rave about afterwards. For more details on booking this unforgettable birthday party, contact the nearest Ready Steady Move! representative.