Ready Steady Move! as a Movement Discipline

Ready Steady Move! combines routines from several movement disciplines to create a unique fitness-through-movement program. The result is a well rounded physical workout during which children will learn to use elements of martial arts, Pilates, yoga and dance to work the muscular and skeletal systems, strengthening the body and improving balance.

A variety of dance and music styles keep the routines fun and playful. They work the body, and challenge children’s imaginations by telling songs and stories through movement.  Children will use movement to “show” a tree, or a slide, or even emotions like “happy” and “angry”.

Ready Steady Move! also incorporates a series of unique exercises designed to stimulate both sides of the brain and appeal to different learning styles by involving multiple senses: sight, hearing, and touch. These whole-brain warm-up exercises use movements that cross the body’s midline, promoting binocular vision, binaural hearing, and two-handed coordination, as well as strengthening the body’s proprioceptive sense. The exercises are also used to help children relax during the lesson.

Children gain more than just fitness from the guided movement routines in Ready Steady Move! They’ll learn to pay attention, and to follow and understand instructions even when given in another language. More importantly, though, they’ll learn control – control over their bodies, and control over their movements. This combination of understanding and control will stay with them for a lifetime.