Ready Steady Move! for Kindergartens, Schools, and After-School Classes!

With Ready Steady Move! educational and physical fitness venues can set themselves apart from the ordinary. Ready Steady Move! is a great choice for a variety of children’s enrichment programs: dance studios, after-school activities, gyms and community centers are all good venues for this innovative program.

Ready Steady Move! classes are family-friendly – every parent is on the lookout for worthwhile children’s activities, while children want fun, stimulating, things to do. Ready Steady Move! answers both needs. There is even an option for parents and children to take the class together.

The class is structured, using a variety of movement disciplines, such as yoga, Pilates, and martial arts, along with songs and games, to get children moving and stimulate whole-brain learning. Teachers use gentle encouragement – examples and demonstrations – to guide children through the routines.

All of this makes Ready Steady Move! attractive to parents and children, but for our clients, there are also other advantages. No special facility is required to host a Ready Steady Move! course – the teacher will bring the required props, games and music, so a sufficiently large room is all that is necessary at the venue.

Contact your local Ready Steady Move! representative today to learn how to host this incredible program.