What Does Ready Steady Move! Give Your Child?

Ready Steady Move! has three main benefits for children: it encourages basic fitness through a fun movement routine; it promotes language learning; and it builds self-confidence. By combining these three, Ready Steady Move! creates a unique learning environment that stimulates the mind and body together.

The movement and language components of Ready Steady Move! offer a series of benefits to your child:

Movement Program:

  • Engage in moderate to vigorous exercise
  • Encourage proper body relaxation through breathing and stretching
  • Practice coordination, flexibility, balance and strength
  • Explore body awareness through varied movements
  • Develop an awareness of personal and group space
  • Improve the sense of rhythm

Language Program:

  • Increase children’s confidence in their ability to learn and speak a second language
  • Introduce basic target language vocabulary in a wide range of subjects
  • Expose children to target language phonetics, to encourage proper accent
  • Demonstrate the target language directly, rather than by translation