Become a Ready Steady Move! Teacher

If you are a certified movement instructor, with a passion for working with children, Ready Steady Move! may be the right move for you!.

Ready Steady Move! is a program of directed movement, designed to encourage whole-brain learning in children ages 4 to 8. The program includes elements of martial arts, dance, yoga and Pilates, and guides children through a low-impact workout while also introducing a basic vocabulary in the target language.

We aim to develop children's self-confidence through a combination of mental and physical flexibility. At the same time, the structured movement and guided fitness routines foster an open mind and cultivate a relaxed attitude towards learning – it's a perfect environment to introduce a new language.

Ready Steady Move! teachers come to us from a variety of educational and physical instruction backgrounds. Instruction certification in martial arts, yoga, Pilates, or dance, especially with children, is a necessary credential to bring to Ready Steady Move! Additionally, Ready Steady Move! instructors require a working knowledge of the target language.

Our teachers have all completed the intensive Ready Steady Move! teacher certification program, learning our teaching methods and materials.

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