What is Ready Steady Move! all about?

Our motto is, "An Active Body is a Learning Body," and that's a good summary of us. Our program uses a variety of movement disciplines, exercises, physical and mental games and songs to create an atmosphere that encourages an actively learning body and mind.

Ready Steady Move! is a unique program of fitness through movement, along with an introduction to a new language, to encourage whole-brain learning and better physical health. The routines encourage physical coordination, flexibility, stamina and strength to teach children how to move in a controlled, effective manner.

The program promotes a 'Mind-Body Connection' in young children through specially developed exercises that stimulate children's natural capacity for overall learning. Lessons are conducted in a fun, encouraging environment and include a wide variety of challenging activities that stimulate both left- and right-side brain functions for better, more effective, learning.

The language component of Ready Steady Move! is used as a complement to the fitness routines. Songs, rhymes and chants go along with the exercises, keeping children engaged and interested, while the physical movements help children to remember the words and phrases they are learning. The Ready Steady Move! program can target one of six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew or Mandarin.


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