A Word about Left and Right

Ready Steady Move! promotes whole-brain learning. Our brain is the most complex of all our organs: the seat of consciousness, it is also tasked with controlling every system of the body, from the involuntary beating of the heart to the deliberate movements of the arms and legs.

The brain is organized into several sections.  The most prominent division is between the left and right sides, or hemispheres.  Various functions are divided between the two hemispheres:

  • The Right Brain: The right hemisphere is the seat of emotions and intuition. Right-side brain functions can be stimulated through music, song and exercises that involve paying attention to timing, acting out stories, or similar structured movements.
  • The Left Brain: The left hemisphere houses logical skills such as maths, language and speech. Left-side brain functions can be developed by movements that use spatial memory, hand-eye coordination or exercises that involve hand gestures.

In addition, each hemisphere of the brain is responsible for motor control on the opposite side of the body.

Many of the Ready Steady Move! exercises and routines involve cross-body movements, such as slapping the left knee with the right hand, to help children develop better coordination and to encourage bilateral neural connections in the brain.  Lessons also include a variety of activities to stimulate both left- and right-side brain functions. Combining a language-learning element with the physical routines is particularly effective at engaging both hemisphere’s of the child’s brain.